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An Alternative Afternoon in Shoreditch, London

I found myself with a spare day in London on my most recent trip to the capital and actually really struggled with what to do. I’ve been to London quite a few times in the last 7 years and have seen the big sights now; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, V&A, Natural History Museum (which is AWESOME), St. Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe…you name it. So what alternative things are there to do in London for us tenth-time visitors? Well, apart from...

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5 Perfect European Destinations for Solo Travel

I moved abroad at the age of 18 and have lived as an expat for 8 years in separate countries to my family. Simply put, I’ve become accustomed to a very independent lifestyle, which has lead to a love of solo travel. When you work full-time (like I do), you sometimes just want to go for a quick break somewhere and you might not always find someone to travel with. This is why I think European solo travel is so...