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July 31, 2017

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Welcome to Fountain of Travel! My name is Helena and this is my very first post on this blog. I spend most of my time reading about travel and planning trips, so what’s better than sharing that with you guys? My main aim with Fountain of Travel is to become an inspiration hub where you can get ideas for your upcoming trips.

So what can you expect to read about?

I live in Manchester, UK so expect plenty of posts covering the UK and specifically Manchester, which I love wholeheartedly. I’m a bit of a foodie that loves going out for meals so also expect a fair few restaurant recommendations and reviews. When I’m not roaming the restaurants of Manchester I will go and visit family in Sweden, where I’m originally from. Sweden is the ultimate outdoors destination and few things make me happier than the peace and quiet of a Swedish forest. Honestly, anyone who has been to a forest big enough to get lost in will know what I’m on about.

Welcome to Fountain of Travel

Additionally, I go abroad a couple of times a year as I fit my travels around my full-time job. I’ve been to several West European countries and want to continue to explore Eastern Europe. I’ve really enjoyed the places I’ve been so far (Czech Republic, Hungary and Latvia) and next year I will add Poland to the list, can’t wait! A few years ago I experienced a slice of the US when I went to New York. It’s a country I’d love to explore more and I’ve got my eye on Louisiana. Those swamps look so intriguing! Another continent I can’t wait to experience more of is Asia. So far I’ve visited Tokyo and Shanghai and I’m hungry (literally as well as figuratively) for more. My top 3 ultimate dream destinations though? Mongolia, Iceland and more of China, in that order.

I am a massive dreamer and I intend for a section of this blog to be called dream trips. This is where I will put together itineraries for places I’d love to go/plan to go in the future solely based on my research online. It’s something I really enjoy doing and it will spare my family the constant ramblings about cheap flights etc.

To find out more about me, head over to the blog’sĀ aboutĀ page!

I hope you will enjoy reading Fountain of Travel and please comment so I can get to know you!

More about Fountain of Travel

Fountain of Travel is where I share city guides and travel inspiration with other 9-5:ers. Expect plenty of city breaks focusing on food and culture. We might be part-time travellers by profession but that doesn't stop us from dreaming and travelling.

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