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21 Gifts For Travel Lovers To Ignite Their Wanderlust

I love pretty things. There, I said it. Guess what else I love? Travel. So naturally, when the two are combined, there are little sparks of happiness going off in my brain. You see, the beauty of buying gifts for travel lovers is that there are endless gift options out there. If you do any Google search for travel gifts you’ll soon find bottomless lists with practical items like packing cubes and purifying water bottles. Whilst they’re obviously great items,...

Fountain of Travel The Best Swedish Souvenirs and Gifts Swedish Flag

The Best Swedish Souvenirs and Gifts

Have you got yourself a trip planned to Sweden? Or do you perhaps have family and friends that are obsessed with the land of IKEA meatballs? Whatever your reason, there comes a time when you might want to look into Swedish souvenirs and things you can buy in Sweden for gifts. I’ve compiled a list of Swedish souvenirs to aid you on your hunt for all things Swedish; from craft souvenirs to food and fun souvenirs for kids. Not going...

Fountain of Travel Delsey Quarterback Premium Backpack A Crazily Detailed Review Backpack and Flowers

A Crazily Detailed Delsey Quarterback Premium Backpack Review

For Christmas 2018 I had one thing at the top of my wishlist; a sleek and stylish minimalist travel backpack that would be perfect as a carry on backpack for city travel. Simple, right? Apparently not. What followed were countless nights of tearing my hair out, emailing slow customer services and regular visits to airlines websites for carry on luggage dimensions. Dreams were crushed, hope was lost….ok, ok, I’m exaggerating but you get the point. It was a slow process....