Fountain of Travel A Rainy Day at Tokyo Disneyland Roger Rabbit

How to Spend a Rainy Day at Tokyo Disneyland

I first went to Disneyland Paris when I was 10 years old and little did I know that it would take another 16 years before I set foot in Disneyland again. Back in June I was finally reunited with Donald Duck during a once-in-a-lifetime visit to Tokyo. Tokyo has two parks; Disneyland and Disney Sea, which is unique to Tokyo. It was my sister’s birthday trip so she got to pick and we ended up in Tokyo Disneyland. Now, this...

Fountain of Travel 6 Day Tokyo Itinerary Introduction

6 Day Tokyo Itinerary: Ideal for First-Time Visitors

Tokyo is famous for its blinking lights, neon signs and fast paced city life. My sister and I went to the city for the first time in JuneĀ (link to my thoughts here) this year and fell in love with it. Whilst a lot of travellers choose to tour Japan, we opted for 8 full days in Tokyo. Whilst this may sound excessive, we were never short of things to do! There are so many cool things to do in Tokyo...

Fountain of Travel 6 Day Tokyo Itinerary Tsuta Ramen Michelin Star Noodles

Michelin Star Ramen at Tsuta, Tokyo

I admit it, I’ve got an obsession with noodles. So, when I discovered that I could eat the world’s first Michelin star ramen in Tokyo I knew I had to go. Tsuta, owned by chef Onishi Yuki, was the first ramen restaurant to ever get a Michelin star back in 2015. Food is often the highlight of my trips and Japan is obviously the ultimate foodie destination. To say that the world’s first Michelin star ramen intrigued me would be...

Fountain of Travel 6 Day Tokyo Itinerary Mori Art Museum City View

Thoughts on My 8 Days in Tokyo

In June, my sister and I spent 8 days in Tokyo full of sightseeing and laughs. It was our first time in Japan and wow, did we fall in love with the place! I can’t wait to go back in the future and also see more of the country. We went in early to mid-June which is technically the start of the rainy season in Tokyo. The weather stayed dry for most of our stay, but got really hot towards...