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Fountain of Travel 2017 Year Summary Tokyo Window Reflection

2017 Year Summary

Wow, 2017 is officially over. Travel wise, it turned out to be a pretty good year! I went to Japan for the first time, got into the Christmas spirit in France and explored more of the UK. I also finally took the step to create this blog (after finally finding an available name I liked, there are a lot of taken blog names!). It’s been a 5 month long learning curve but I’ve enjoyed it (and discovered how much background...

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An Introduction to Fountain of Travel

Welcome to Fountain of Travel! My name is Helena and this is my very first post on this blog. I spend most of my time reading about travel and planning trips, so what’s better than sharing that with you guys? My main aim with Fountain of Travel is to become an inspiration hub where you can get ideas for your upcoming trips. So what can you expect to read about? I live in Manchester, UK so expect plenty of posts...