January 14, 2018


Fountain of Travel How to Spend 24 Hours in Eguisheim Street View

How To Spend 24 Hours in Eguisheim, France

In November last year I took a bucket list trip to Colmar to experience the incredible Christmas market. For years my Pinterest account had been filled with romantic pictures of half-timber clad buildings in pastel colours and I couldn’t wait to finally see it! During the planning I read about Eguisheim, a tiny village close to Colmar that looked even more picturesque. Immediately I recognised a scene I had seen multiple times on Pinterest but always assumed belonged to Colmar...

Fountain of Travel 2017 Year Summary Tokyo Window Reflection

2017 Year Summary

Wow, 2017 is officially over. Travel wise, it turned out to be a pretty good year! I went to Japan for the first time, got into the Christmas spirit in France and explored more of the UK. I also finally took the step to create this blog (after finally finding an available name I liked, there are a lot of taken blog names!). It’s been a 5 month long learning curve but I’ve enjoyed it (and discovered how much background...