December 28, 2017


Fountain of Travel Things You Should Do Before Visiting Basel Switzerland Town Hall

Things You Should Do Before Visiting Basel, Switzerland

Back in November I was psyched to finally set foot in a new country, Switzerland! I was flying in and out of Basel Airport for my trip to Colmar, France and chose to spend one night in Basel to explore the city. Needless to say, I’d heard how expensive Switzerland is, but apart from that I knew very little about the country, and even less about Basel. For this trip I just wanted to relax and therefore didn’t plan a...

Fountain of Travel Christmas Market in Colmar Place Des Dominicains

A Winter Visit to The Christmas Market in Colmar, France

If you share my obsession with Pinterest, you have probably seen photos of the brightly coloured half-timbered houses in Colmar. I had swooned over those images for years before I finally got a chance to visit Colmar this November. Colmar is a gorgeous (gorgeous!) French town in the Alsace region bordering Germany. Alsace is famous for wine but the reason I paid a winter visit to Colmar was the Christmas market. Whilst the neighbouring German markets are more famous, this...